Hi! I’m Holly, creator of the Radiance Mindset! I’m so excited you’ve found this little corner of the interwebs and want to take a look around! I’ve been a blogger almost since it started being a “thing”! I’ve written several, and I’m excited to have my journey lead me to where I am right now. Holly Isaacson

I love me some yummy wine, most anything sparkly, and good Mexican food. I am a true Aquarius in that I’m fiercely loyal, relatively calm, and I’ll tell you like it is and have zero poker face. And I trust my instincts more than anything else in the world. The Universe sends us the lessons we need to learn!  Holly Isaacson

About My Family Holly Isaacson

I live in a southwest suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota with my amazing husband of getting close to 20 years and my three children: two teenage girls and one delightfully adorable yet mischievous boy. Much to the chagrin of my children, we have no pets. I’m a mom. I know when they say they will take care of the lovable little pet, that they won’t. And that I will. And you guys….this lady already has more than enough on her plate! LOL! Mindset Lesson #1–know when to say no. Ok, that’s not really Lesson #1. But seriously! Know your limits!

I also hate to clean. Hate to cook. And I work at home. Good thing my husband loves me for my personality and not my household skills. LOL! He’s got a lot of patience. We met in college at a tiny school in western Illinois where I graduated with a degree in Art History. Then, we moved to Lubbock, Texas for a hot minute while I pursued my Masters in Museum Science. Onward to Los Angeles, where we lived for 6 years and had two of our three children. Finally, settling in the Twin Cities, which has truly become ‘home’ for us.  Holly Isaacson

About The Radiance Mindset

I’ve spent the last decade as an entrepreneur creating my own businesses, brand and more. I began to build my personal brand within my direct sale company using “Sunshine” as the theme because I truly believe when you are optimistic and look for the light, you will live a more fulfilled and happy life (regardless of your circumstances).

The Radiance Mindset came to be from a flurry of creative thoughts. I had been a consultant with a company for three years and have met an amazing group of women! I’ve always looked at the bright side of life and until this experience, I had no idea just how many people focus so much on negativity! That they look for what can go wrong, before looking for what could go right. They focus on the problems versus finding solutions.

As I worked my business, my team grew and I evolved into a leader. I’ve learned there are certain approaches that will set you up for success and attitudes that will not.These ideas started out as training for my team and I felt like it was time to share them with anyone else who might benefit, not just my team.

I live for empowering others and helping them realize they can actually create something of their own. I love helping people discover their strengths, work through tough things, and go after their dreams!

How can you be the light and market yourself and your business in a way that will engage, entertain and empower those around you?? You can achieve this with the Radiance Mindset. Find out how you can become more radiant here!