Every morning, I sit with my hot cup of coffee, in the quiet before the rest of the household wakes up, scrolling through my newsfeed. This is my time to check in, see what’s out there, stay up on the trends, etc. And one thing I see over and over again, throughout my feed and the sponsored ads that come my way, is pre-made social media content. 

One of the things that stops small business owners in their tracks faster than you can say, “I’ll have a refill” (to the barista…or your Keurig machine. LOL!) is posting original branded content on their social media platforms consistently. So, the idea of someone else doing the work for you is VERY TEMPTING! However, when you purchase someone else’s content calendars and pre-made social media graphics, they do not reflect YOU and YOUR BRAND! You are sharing someone else’s design, their colors, and their fonts. 


Then it came to me one morning! What if I were to create templates that are already designed for you that you can simply update with your colors and fonts?? BOOM! The Design Hack Membership was born!

Let’s remove the frustration, overwhelm, and time it takes you to create graphics for social media! Use these Canva templates. They are pre-designed just for you and easy to manipulate! Check it out!…..

Design Hack Testimonials
 What you will get if you are a member of Design Hack:
  • *NEWLY ADDED* Done-for-you graphics for each day of the month!
  • A Content Guide each month to help you plan out the month ahead!
  • Monthly Template of Nationals Days & Holidays that you can add your brand colors and fonts to
  • Access to a Graphics Pack of the month (one month might be a ClipArt sayings pack, maybe a seasonal clipart pack, maybe seasonal backgrounds)
  •  Seasonal ‘This or That’ Canva templates you can use for product and engagement posts
  • Access to extra trainings such as the Gold Nugget Ideal Client Challenge.