Basic Outfits Bundle for Straight Avatar — HAND-DRAWN

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Basic Outfits Bundle for Straight Avatar

Set of 6-8 Basic Outfits to dress your avatar! This set pairs well with the Custom Female Avatar.

Grab these basic outfits bundle for Straight Avatar’s wardrobe!
Set includes 8 Tops:

  • Teal tank top
  • Light Yellow tank top
  • Coral short-sleeve top
  • Purple short-sleeve top
  • Deep Magenta long-sleeve tucked in top
  • Lavender long-sleeve tucked in top
  • Olive green button-down shirt
  • Bright Yellow button-down shirt

And includes 6 bottoms:

  • Blue Jeans
  • Black “work” capris
  • Cropped white jeans
  • Black leggings with criss-cross design
  • Denim shorts
  • Denim skirt


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