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Using a Custom Female Avatar is a great way to bring in personality to your branding and graphics without having to use your own photo all the time. Some days we just want to stay in our pajamas, with no makeup, and our hair in a messy bun. Your Avatar is perfect for those days!

There are often two types of Avatars out there. One version is a completely-designed-for-you Avatar with one look. If you want it changed, you must go back to the designer and pay them again to edit it. The other version, is a DIY kit where you receive the parts of the body and must assemble it all yourself in a graphics program. And, also attempt to get the Avatar to actually look like you.

This Custom Female Avatar is in the middle! You receive a body with a customized head on it. But you will be able to change the Avatar’s clothes on your own simply by layer the outfit over the top of the body! 

Who is this Custom Avatar product good for:

  • Anyone who is overwhelmed trying to figure out a graphics program in order to build an Avatar.
  • Someone frustrated with the time it is taking them to piece together an Avatar.
  • If you’ve tried to put an Avatar together yourself and she just doesn’t look like you.
  • Someone who is ready to just plug and play dress-up with their Mini-Me

What you are paying for with this product:

  • You receive a customized head on one of 6 body types available.
  • You are not actually buying the clipart for your Avatar (that’s FREE!)
  • The time is takes for a graphic artist well-versed in design programs to build your Mini-Me for you!
  • Your final design will come with a generic T-shirt and pants. You will be able to change her clothing.

How will this work?

  • Customized Avatars are created on a first come, first served basis. A design queue is in place.
  • When you purchase your Custom Avatar, you will receive a message from me starting the process.
  • You will provide a close-up image of yourself for me to use as a guide for creating your new Avatar
  • You will be shown a mock-up, at which point you can provide feedback for anything you’d like changed.
  • Your final design will be given to you in both PNG and Vector Files.

Here are two examples of Custom Avatars created from The Radiance Mindset:

**Wait time will vary for delivery of your Custom Female Avatar — dependent on how long the design queue is at the time of purchase. If you have questions about the wait time or anything else before you buy, please feel free to send me a message and let’s chat about it!


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