Purple in Marketing: Using Color in Branding

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Color in Marketing Series: Week 1

Using the Color Purple in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com

Quick Glance Purple in Marketing Qualities

  • Made of Red & Blue
  • Considered a ‘Cool’ Color
  • Color Wheel Complementary Color: Yellow
  • Analogous Colors: Red Violet, Purple, Blue Violet

?????? ?? ? ????? ?? ???????. It’s made from red (a very intense color) and blue (a very calming color). By bringing both of those colors together, purple gives off a very balanced feeling to it.

Purple in marketing is great to use for brands in these fields:
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Purple in marketing is often associated with the following:
wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic as well as spirituality, royalty, and wealth.

  • A light purple lends towards more feminine energy
  • Bright purple is more toward richness and power
  • Dark purple can have more of a sense of sadness or frustration

??? ????????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????????:
This color can trigger ??????????.
It can ??????.
And it can ??????? ???? in a time of anxiety or nervousness.

Purple is not used as often as its primary counterparts, therefore, it will stand out a bit if chosen as a brand color. Just choose the tone (the lightness/darkness) of your purple wisely, to evoke the feeling you want your brand to represent!

6 Pre-made Purple Color Palettes to use

Your branding is as much about meaning as it is about physical appearance. Don’t get me wrong, you can simply pick out some colors without much thought to it and run with it.

???, you can also think about what the colors represent. Are they a good fit for your type of business?? Certain colors evoke certain types of feelings in people when they see it. Be sure you’re using colors that represent what you want your business to reflect!

?? ??? ????? ???, ???’?? ???? ????? ??????….
1) A PDF copy of the Color Hue Sheet
2) A link to the How to Choose Brand Colors Worksheet
3) A Glossary of common Color Theory terms
–You’ll also find the hex color codes for the attached color palettes (and 42 other palettes listed in the Brand Box–
?????? ??? ????? ??? ????:

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  1. Color psychology isn’t just about evoking certain emotions. It’s about using colors to meet consumers’ expectations for products and brands. Consider colors that are bad fits for certain products or types of services, like a bright yellow and orange logo for a bank or a brown or gray box for feminine hygiene products. These colors feel wrong to us because they don’t match our expectations.

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