Brand Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of choosing all the pieces (fonts, color palettes, design elements) for your visual brand? Have a logo, but you’re not quite sure how to bring your brand to your social media posts? Not even sure who you’re talking in your posts on social media?

Then, you might need to sit down and do a little chatting. I can help guide you through each stage of building your brand from the visual look to an overall social media strategy for sharing your business across multiple platforms.

Coaching starts at $50 per hour. 

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Ideal Client Definition

If you’re trying to speak to everyone, you will speak to no one. Let’s build a profile to help bring your ideal client to you! 

Social Media Strategy

Having a cohesive visual look across all your social platforms helps you remind your followers who you are and what you do.

Expanding Your Network

Once your visual look is established, start sharing your business in a very strategic way to grow your followers and your business!

Custom Design Packages

Mint Package

$ 199 includes the following:
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Intake Questionnaire
  • Brand Audit
  • Ideal Client Coaching
  • Initial Design Mockup
  • Final Design Revision

Rose Gold

$ 248 Includes Mint Design Package PLUS ONE of the following:
  • 2 - Square Social Media Templates
  • 2 - Pinterest Pin Templates
  • Individual Elements broken out from your Logo
  • Brand Mood Board
Most Popular

Gold Package

$ 334 Includes Mint Design Package PLUS THREE of the following:
  • 2 - Square Social Media Templates
  • 2 - Pinterest Pin Templates
  • Individual Elements broken out from your Logo
  • Brand Mood Board

Our clients

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Most frequent questions and answers

Once your design package order is complete or your invoice is paid, I will set up a collaborative design space for us online. This will contain a link to a questionnaire for you to fill out. Your answers let me know how far along you are in the branding process and where our starting point may be.

This will be a private Facebook group for the two of us. I’ve found having this designated online space helps immensely with sharing files, images, and design ideas. It also helps the both of us with organization so we don’t have to sift through Messenger or emails for our conversations!

We will chat about a timeline when you first purchase your design package. But, typically most projects are completed within 2-3 weeks. The timeline will be determined by how quickly feedback is received as well as the current queue of design projects.

Most of the clients I work with are looking for a design or graphic creation they can use on social media images. They typically do not need hi-resolution files. Therefore, I will deliver your files in hi- an lo-resolution .jpg and .png files. Vector files (.eps) can also be included upon request.


All files will be delivered to you through a Google Drive link.


If social media graphics/templates are part of your design package, you will receive a link to templates that can be used on the Canva website.

Your satisfaction is my #1 priority. I want everyone to walk away happy and excited to put their new branding into use! We will have thorough discussions before anything is designed to insure we are both on the same page.


Once a general idea is decided upon, you will receive a mockup of the concept. This may not be a completed, final design. This is your chance to give as much feedback as you like or to completely scrap the concept and talk about something else


After the mockup has been approved, a final design will be completed. When the final design is presented, you have one opportunity to make final minor updates to the design before the files are delivered.


All of this will be discussed with you upon payment and you will be given a copy of this design process for your reference.

You will always be given color (hex #) codes and the names of any fonts used. While most licensing does not allow me to give you the font to use freely, I will guide you to the font’s location. 

This also applies to any design elements purchased for use in your design. I cannot share the license with you. However, I happy to give you the link to purchase your own license for those elements.