Yellow in Marketing: Using Color in Branding

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Color in Marketing Series: Week 5

Using the color Yellow in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |

Quick Glance Yellow in Marketing Qualities

  • Primary Color
  • Considered a ‘Warm’ Color
  • Color Wheel Complementary Color: Purple
  • Analogous Colors: Yellow Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green

?????? ?? ? ???? ????? ????? with a sense of cheerfulness and playfulness about it. It is the most noticeable color to the human eye. And in general best to use it as a highlight color.

??? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ??????:
????????’? ????????, ???????????, ????, ??? ???? ??????

The color Yellow in marketing is often associated with the following:
??????, ????????????, ????????? ?????? ????????, ????????? ?????? ??????, ?????????, ??????????, ???????, ??????, ????????

  • Lighter yellows mean a lack of confidence but encourage creative thinking.
  • Bright yellow is great for clearing the mind.
  • Dark yellow is the color of a cynic or complainer.
Using the color Yellow in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |

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This color ?????????? ?????? ???????? and the logical side of the brain.
It helps with ???????? ??????.
And ?? ??? ????? ???????, nervousness and critical judgment in too large quantities.

Yellow is optimistic, uplifting and illuminating. It promotes wisdom, inspires creative thinking and original thought. It is a great color for children’s products because of the it is stimulating to both their mind and their creativity. The idea of someone holding a yellow lightbulb over their head to represent ‘ideas’ is a perfect representation of what this color means.

6 Pre-made Yellow in Marketing Color Palettes to use

Using the color Yellow in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |
Using the color Yellow in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |

Your branding is as much about meaning as it is about physical appearance. Don’t get me wrong, you can simply pick out some colors without much thought to it and run with it.

???, you can also think about what the colors represent. Are they a good fit for your type of business?? Certain colors evoke certain types of feelings in people when they see it. Be sure you’re using colors that represent what you want your business to reflect!

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1) A PDF copy of the Color Hue Sheet
2) A link to the How to Choose Brand Colors Worksheet
3) A Glossary of common Color Theory terms
–You’ll also find the hex color codes for the attached color palettes (and 42 other palettes listed in the Brand Box–
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Using the color Yellow in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |
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