Me! Founder of
The Radiance Mindset

Hi! I’m Holly! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a Preferred Vendor for The Purple Teacup Co.‘s blogging program! First off, I’d like to say, CONGRATULATIONS! You have invested in yourself and your business/blog by taking part in Hope’s amazing courses. And that’s not always an easy step to take! As a previous graduate of her Blogging Bootcamp, I can tell you firsthand that you will be completely set to run with your blog when you’re finished learning from Hope. Actually, “finished” is probably not the best word choice, because it’s all a process and we continue to learn all along the way.

Creating a visual look for your blog can be scary!

Thinking through color palettes, fonts, and logo design can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you find yourself more on the left-brained side of the population. LOL! Or maybe, you are a part of the right-brained world, but just simply don’t have the time to sit down and create your brand vision. I’m here to help! Brand strategy, development, and graphic design are my FAVORITE things to do! I’m happy to meet you where you are at and help you work through the process to make your brand vision a reality.

How I can help!

Here, you will find options and special pricing created specifically for Hope’s Not Your Ordinary Blogging School:

  • 30 minutes Brand Strategy Zoom Call — $25 (normally $35)
  • Blogger’s Design Package (Logo, Alternate Logo, and Signature Graphic) — $275 (normally $299)
  • Social Media Template Package — $143 (normally $150)
  • If you have other needs, we can also discuss those! Just contact me and we’ll figure out what will work best for you!

Here is a sample of my past work, and you can find more by clicking here:

Brand Design examples for The Radiance Mindset |

I love my radiant clients!

Here’s what a few of my past clients have said about working with me:

Holly is amazing! She worked with me to discover what I wanted in regard to my personal branding. I had so many ideas swirling in my head and she coached me through those ideas. Created my logo using colors that matched my personality and vision for my brand. She went above and beyond in choosing the fonts and the extra elements that I requested. Whenever I make graphics or create a cover for my work, EVERYONE comments on brand and how beautiful it looks. Holly is professional and very easy to work with. Choosing her was the best decision I ever made!

Leslie at Leslie A Boyd Enterprises
(Logo and Signature Graphic Design)

I’ve used Holly’s services twice now, for designing my blog logo and for building my Pinterest and blogging templates. Both times I struggled with knowing what I wanted, and she blew me away with what she came up with. Her creativity is so out of the box and beautiful – I know I can trust her to create something amazing for me, even when I don’t know what I want! She’s very professional and helpful, and will talk though ideas and listen to your preferences. ❤️

Ashley at Everybody’s Fed, Nobody’s Dead Blog
(Initial Blog Logo Design and Signature as well as Social Media Templates)

I do not regularly write reviews – however, Holly’s professionalism has blown me away. Being new to the digital landscape, and having dealt with an unprofessional graphic designer before, it was a breath of fresh air to consult with Holly. She had a very organized onboarding process; made it easy to take my ideas and turn them into designs. Holly’s price package was available and easy to understand. The expectations of what she would do and I would receive were clearly stated. All of that provided me an important piece of mind. I will be recommending her here and in the future!

Michelle at Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network
(Updated previous Logo design)

I can’t wait to work with you. Contact me to start envisioning your brand today!