One of the things I LOVE to do is read books and discuss them with other people! I’ve been part of an in-person book club for over 12 years! And before that, I received advanced reader copies (ARCs) and wrote book reviews for a book blog back when blogging was just starting to become popular. I’m excited to get back to sharing what I’m reading with others! I would love to hear your suggestions for any business, personal development, entrepreneurial, or even fun fiction books that you love! Just fill out the contact form to let me know!


I am also excited to bring you reviews of my favorite products, apps, and services for female entrepreneurs! We’re all so busy. Who needs or wants to waste time wading through everything available on the interwebs?! I’m happy to vet these for others so you can spend your time in a manner that is income-producing! If you have any suggestions for products you’d be interested seeing reviews of or you’re curious about, please fill out the contact form and let me know!