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Top Resources Genius Blogger's Toolkit | The Radiance Mindset |

As a contributor to the 2019 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, I received early access to this bundle of amazing products. I took the opportunity over several days last week to access and look through the contests of the bundle. Holy mackerel! This year’s bundle is chock full of incredible tips, advice, and knowledge.

I decided to break out 10-ish items (Ok, I miscounted and you’re actually getting 11. No one’s perfect, right? LOL!), of what I felt were the top most helpful resources for anyone who purchases this bundle. It really is worthwhile for any business owner to jump on this deal. Even if blogging isn’t necessarily the road you are traveling right now, any business can benefit from email marketing, Pinterest and/or social media marketing, and learning financial information.

Amazon Affiliate Affluence by Dale Persons
(value $25.00)

This was a really good overview of the Amazon Affiliate program. It covers all the basics including the do’s and don’ts to stay in Amazon’s good graces. If you can make this affiliate program work for you, you can make some good passive income. Dale gives you tips and ideas on the best types of blog posts to maximize your efforts with Amazon Links.

The Authentic Blog Project by Hannah Rinaldie
(value $24.99)

Oh my gosh, this is my FAVORITE ebook out of the whole list in the Blogger’s Toolkit. Hannah is so real. Which of course one would expect with the title of her ebook having ‘authentic’ in it. But it’s kind of like she got into my head, patted me on the back, and told me, “It’s ok, I can be successful blogging and doing it in my own way with all the knowledge I’ve learned. I don’t have to do it exactly like all the other bloggers out there.” 

Truly, if you decide not to buy the Blogger Toolkit (though, you really should, because dude. SO.MUCH.CONTENT), do seek out this ebook on your own! Now Hannah, I need you to write more on this topic. Pretty please. LOL!

Cranking Out Quality: A Blogger’s Gide to Crushing Content Creation by Heather O’Donnell
(value $27.00)

Heather has hit the nail on the head here with outlining a good process for blog writing. It’s all about the steps you take. Make it efficient. Be productive and find your focus. A lot of what she offers here is basic and common sense if you’ve already done a lot of business and personal development. BUT. If you’ve never blogged before, this is a GREAT resource to get you started with an excellent blog writing process from the start!

Promote Your Content by Tonia Kendrick
(value $27.00)

So, even though we may write blog posts just to get all the thoughts out of our head. We wouldn’t really be putting them out there in BlogLand if we didn’t want people to actually read what we write, right?? In order to actually have readers find your blog you need to PROMOTE your posts. Now, I’m not talking about spending money to boost your posts, I simply mean you need to share your content on social media. And in Tonia’s ebook she gives you FIFTY different ways to do that!

Some of them are super EASY ways. Like simply updating your facebook cover image. She covers all the different platforms and describes how you can repurpose your content to fit multiple platforms! Many ways to share one blog post! Rinse and repeat with the next post. She teaches you to truly get the most out of your content.

Email List Building Crash Course by Beyond Basic Blogging
(value $7.00)

I use ConvertKit as my email marketing tool. And I love it! I mean they sent me a free T-shirt just for starting my account with them. And it’s cute and it fits and it says “Create Everyday” Um….Sold! But ok, aside from a free t-shirt, Convertkit is very robust and you get 2 months FREE if you purchase the Blogger Bundle in the first two days!

If you don’t have an email list yet, you need to start one. Even if your blog followers only consist of your husband, mom and Aunt Bessie. Plan for your blog to be huge one day. And you want to start your list from the beginning. You OWN this list. And no one can take it away from you. There are no algorithms hiding your emails from subscribers or shuffling them around. There’s no hashtag strategy. It’s just good ol’ fashioned written communication and building relationships.

Well, this crash course takes you through using Convertkit to get up your first freebie to grow your email list. It’s set up as workbook and will be helpful if you’re just starting out!

***If you get in on the Early Bird Bonus for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, you get TWO MONTHS of Convertkit FREE!!!***

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Small Blog, Big Income: One Niche Blogger’s 7-Step Success Formula by Carol Tice
(value $27.00)

This was one of my favorite ebooks out of all the Toolkit! I love that she breaks down the different sources of income for her business. She is also realistic and authentic with how she grew her blog. And I love that she shows you how to do it without 1 million followers. She earned money when she had 2000 followers! Well, that’s fairly manageable with some hard work!

Here she shares her 7-step formula for earning well from a small niche blog. Her process walks you through the foundation you build BEFORE you get to the earning which is soooo important! 

Blogger’s Glitterati VIP Hub by Sasha Lassey
(value $444.00)

Holy mother-lode of a blogging resource from Sasha Lassey! You receive a HUGE value by getting into her VIP membership group during the Blogger’s Bundle! Monthly masterclasses on variety of topics. And you get ONE WHOLE YEAR included with the Blogger toolkit. I cannot wait to delve more into everything Sasha has stashed in this sparkly treasure trove! 

Social Boom eCourse by Ruth Soukup
(value $297.00)

A 44 Page workbook included! An hour and a half of video coaching from Ruth as well as another 1 hour or so of coaching from Amanda Bond about amplifying your Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram ads! I can’t wait to really dig deep into this one.

Get Chaos Organized for Mom Bloggers by Kristine Beaves

if you are a mom who blogs, this is great! Not only does it give helpful time blocking and productivity tips, she also talks a lot about the mindset of being a mom and the balance of blog work and family life alone with your own mental health. And how did she know I needed a lesson on organizing my digital files (don’t peek at my desktop and “filing” system–it truly is total chaos!). I’m also a reader versus a video watcher so I loved that she had BOTH available in her course! 

Kickstart Your Blog by Raelyn Tan
(value $97.00)

This is a fabulous course for anyone just learning the ins and outs of blogging. Raelyn covers all the basics from naming your blog, to the minimum pages you should have on your site, to SEO, email lists, and more. If you are overwhelmed easy, this is a great place to start in the Blogger’s Toolkit. She keeps everything very bite-sized and organized in the flow you would create your blog in. Only downside for me is that much of it is all video with little reading. But if you love video courses, this one is for you!

The Blogger’s Simple Guide to Taxes by Sarah Korhnak
(value $3.99)

Wow! This ebook is fantastic for really explaining how to work your blog as a business. Sarah starts off first defining the difference between your blog as a hobby and your blog as a business when it comes to taxes. I LOVED her explanations everything, especially the industry standards and the suggestions for what can be considered an expense under each category. If you are a serious blogger, make sure you have your financials in a good place. This ebook will get you headed in the right direction!

I bought the 2018 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and am a contributor this year. I will plan to grab this bundle every year it is available. And here’s why:

  1. I learn something (or multiple somethings new every single year!
  2. I can enhance what I know already on certain topics by diving a bit deeper.
  3. The Blogger’s Toolkit has the latest resources so that I can stay up-to-date on the latest updates, changes, and evolution of social media marketing in today’s blogging world.

You can grab your 2019 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit right now!
Just click below…..

Top Resources Genius Blogger's Toolkit | The Radiance Mindset |

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