Current Trends in Digital Marketing for 2019

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It’s amazing once you know the current trends in digital marketing, you see them EVERYWHERE! Things we saw emerge in 2018, will continue to run solid into 2019. Also, I can’t wait to see what the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is!! Anyone else get excited by these things? Or is it just me? LOL! It truly amazes me how one entity creates the trends for the global economy! Like. That’s a lot of power to behold. LOL!

Other things to look for in 2019 and incorporate into your graphics and or brand/logo….

1. BOLD Font choices

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2. The Glitch Effect

We live in a technology world and that grows every day. Show off the futuristic side or forward-thinking of your brand by using the “Glitch Effect” in your digital marketing. This is done by purposely creating a look where the image has “slipped”, moved, or looks like it has an error. This technique can add visual punch to your design.

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3. GRADIENT backgrounds

Using filters or backgrounds that have a duo-tone to them or a gradient effect!

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4. BRIGHT Colors

According to Shutterstock, UFO Green, Plastic Pink, and Proton Purple are trending. And wouldn’t you know, I was at the Vikings game vs. the Packers last weekend, and look what came across the Jumbotron! Graphics for the upcoming ProBowl in January.

Just so happens the company my hubby works for created this animation for the the NFL and the Pro Bowl. They didn’t come up with the style guide for it. But whoever did at the NFL, was RIGHT on target with what is trending! It incorporated all three of these trends (bold font, bright colors, and gradient background) in the campaign. Check out the animation in action here!

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5. FUN Attributes

Like using a metallic/holographic look, or rose gold textures are also on the move up the trend ladder!

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6. Hand-written Fonts and Hand-drawn illustrations.

Many of my designs in 2018 have been in the mode of hand-drawn or illustrations! That style trend will continue into 2019. Love this cute little logo for the Caffeinated Campers!

Logo Design

7. Watercolor

Either in the font or in the background.

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8. Vintage fonts

Old School and Mid-Century looking fonts are still fantastically appealing!

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Powered by Creative Market

Stay tuned for a great download from The Radiance Mindset to help you remember the current trends for the upcoming year so you can incorporate them into your digital strategy!

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