The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers — Book Review

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Do you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited yet?? I found this amazing book ‘The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers” listed there! (You can buy the book outside of Kindle Unlimited, if you aren’t a subscriber.) This is a MUST-READ if you are a blogger! I’ve actually read through it twice already and took a bunch of notes! Think of it as a field guide for what to focus on when you start blogging! It’s chock full of REAL people who blog and what their best advice is for those just starting their blog journey. 

The Synopsis of 6-Figure Bloggers:

In each chapter, Sally Miller shares 6-Figure Bloggers’ answers to the same questions: What’s your favorite business book? How long did it take for you to earn $8,000/month consistently? What habit has improved your life this year? When did you hire your first virtual assistant? If you had to start again, what would you do differently? What is your biggest obstacle in building your business? And what advice can you give struggling bloggers. 

Throughout, Miller suggests there are THREE things that make a successful blog. They are:

  1. Act with Purpose — have a purpose and guiding principles for your blog to help you laser focus and create content your ideal reader is looking for.
  2. Create Systems– to keep you accountable, help you execute effectively, and keep your blog moving forward and growing.
  3. Believe in Yourself–mindset is everything. Know that you CAN do this this! And don’t give up when it gets hard.

My Takeaways:

Since, I’ve read through this twice already, I will give you the overall punchline for the book….BUT. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this book yourself. It had really great tips and reinforces a few things that every Blogger should really be focused on.

  • The average length of time it takes for a SUCCESSFUL blogger to reach earning $100,000 a year is 2.68 years. So if you don’t find success right away, keep plugging along, make adjustments. You’ve got this!
  • The average time it takes a blog writer to decide they need help is 1.25 years. And the best advice is to hire someone just at the point of overwhelm…not AFTER you’re feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Productivity tips that overwhelmingly help you create a successful blog business:
    • Time Blocking to manage work/life balance
    • Batch tasks for better time management
    • Set a writing/publishing schedule and stick to it–be somewhat prolific in your posting.
    • Narrow your focus on your ideal reader and what they are interested in. 
    • Plan Your Content 1-month, each quarter, or annually in advance.
  • Things Experienced Bloggers know:
    • Focus less on Social Media and metrics. In the long-run, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have.
    • Network & Collaborate with other bloggers. Don’t see them as your competition.
    • Focus on Affiliate Marketing from the start! No need to wait until you’re established to start utilizing passive income!
    • Listen to your intuition — Love this one! I wear a bracelet that reminds me “Everything happens for a reason.” Because I believe we should listen to what our gut tells us and run with it!
    • Constantly educate yourself! You can never stop learning!
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Essentials Tips:

Now, if you read/learn nothing else from this post, take these last three tips to heart. They are mentioned MULTIPLE times throughout the book by several bloggers. 

  1. Join a mastermind group! These people will be your support and go-to when you need an accountability and mindset check.
  2. Hire a business coach! Learn from someone further down the line than you!
  3. And without a doubt, the NUMBER ONE TIP for bloggers is to start building your email list right away! At least NINE of the 17 bloggers Sally Miller interviewed for the book listed email list-building as the #1 thing they would do different if they had to start all over again from scratch! 
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4 thoughts on “The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers — Book Review

  1. alright, i’m definitely reading this (I have no idea why my keyboard is typing in caps, the caps lock is off). the average blogger is making $100k in 2.68 year? That’s insane. I need help!

    1. Well, maybe I should reword that…not the average blogger….the blogger who puts in the time, work, effort, etc averages getting to 6 figures in 2.68 years….based on these 17 people as the sample. 😉 Truly 80% or more of people who blog don’t make it because they don’t do what these people have done to ensure success. 🙂

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