Hire a Designer: When is it the right time?

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I’ve seen a LOT of people work on the visual branding for their micro-business over the last several years. Although some gurus out there will say, “Brand yourself!” and make it sound like you just pick a few colors, throw a font out there, and use it over and over and it’s “just that easy!” It’s really not as easy peasy as it sounds. All the options can be very overwhelming, and the choices can give you decision paralysis. I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to need some guidance when you’re creating your branding/social media graphics, and sometimes it’s a good thing to hire a designer!

Even though as micro-business owners we tend to wear all the hats, sometimes it’s actually more productive to let someone else wear the Designer cap. Keep reading below to find out if it might be the right time for you to hire out some help!

If any of the following describe you, it’s probably ok to keep going with your current plan:

  • If you’ve spent less than 1-2 months working on the physical look of your brand.
  • If you’ve created your own logo and have already started using it on your social media graphics, and moved on to another aspect of your business.
  • If you’ve moved through all the steps/posts in the Design School series on the Radiance Mindset Facebook page.
  • If you’ve invested in the online course, ‘Micro-Business Owner’s Design School‘ (Pssst…..this is coming very soon! Click here to receive more info when it launches in November 2019!)

BUT, if anything on the list below sounds like you, it might be time seek out a little extra guidance and hire a designer:

  • You’ve recently pivoted in your business and need help creating updated branding or moving your current audience to your new business.
  • You have no idea who your ideal client is or how to narrow your audience down.
  • You’ve “been working” on the physical look of your branding for longer than 2 months.
  • You have no idea where to start with creating your logo or how to build a branded “look”.
  • You could do it all yourself, but it would take you forever and hold up your social media content plan. It will also have you spending time doing something that is indeed beneficial to your business, but not necessarily increasing your income.
  • Will it look professional if you’re designing it? Give yourself an honest answer to that question.
  • Have you stopped posting on social media because creating the graphics is just too overwhelming for you?

If you found yourself nodding in agreement with anything on the second list, also consider these questions:

  • Is it time to invest a little money to hire a designer to do the work for you in order to move forward more quickly? You will be saving yourself time, frustration, and overwhelm. And increase the time you have for activities that are more income producing for you.
  • Maybe it is time to chat with a brand coach/strategist to get a more firm grip on what you want your visual brand to be?
  • Do you know where to find all the design elements you need to build the physical look of your brand?
  • Would having a designer create templates for you to use on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram be a huge time saver for you?

    It’s not a “fail” to hire a designer instead of creating your logo or graphics yourself. In fact, it’s a smart decision. Your graphic designer specializes in helping you create your brand and make it something that will stand out in the marketplace. A designer who is also a brand strategist, will teach you all the ways to market your new brand and expand it so your customers become fully aware of YOU.

    It’s 100% ok, to spend a little money in your business, to invest in it, to move forward more quickly and to share your brand more cohesively across your social media channels!
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All the things you could outsource to a designer!

  • Logo Design
  • Overall brand look
  • Instragram templates
  • Facebook cover photo templates
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • creation of a brand mood board
  • Social Media squares–square templates in your brand colors to use for graphics anywhere you need them: facebook posts, blog feature images, etc. –think about these for repeated posts each week/month
  • Branded Quotes/Motivation graphics
  • Help locating stock images to use to make your brand more cohesive
  • Social media marketing strategy and coaching

Now, you may have decided it is indeed time to hire a designer or brand coach, but where can you find one??

Well, I’ll toot my own horn for a hot minute…I’m happy to work with you to talk through your brand strategy and help you get pointed in a solid direction. And I’m also available to help create your logo and branded graphics for you if you feel we are a good fit to work together! I would be very happy to have you send me a message to start a chat about where you’re at and where you might be going in the future!

But, I also understand that personalities and needs may necessitate looking elsewhere for a designer. If this is the case, I suggest going to business Besties/accountability partners that you trust to ask for a reference for someone to hire. Or visit online facebook groups such as the 3 Step Community or Online Business Building Mamas and ask the group for a reference.

Just a word of caution–ok, maybe two multi-word cautions….
1) Please don’t go to Fiverr for your logo design. It will be very affordable for you, but the ol’ adage, “You get what you pay for” is very true. Many of the designers on there use everyday clipart and the logo you end up with could be the same logo they sold to someone else five minutes ago just with your business name on it instead. I’ve heard about MANY bad experiences with Fiverr, and I just want to make sure you’re aware of it. Sometimes a price is definitely too good to be true.

And the visual look of your business if the often the first encounter clients will have with your brand. This is not something to just take lightly and move on.

2) If you post in a Facebook networking group looking for help, have the expectation that your post will be bombarded by tons of designers in the group. Many will simply say “I can help you!” and post a link to their page. Please have a conversation with someone before giving them your money. Look for comments on your post where the designer has actually looked at your profile, understands what your business is, offers you value in their comment response. Look for the people who make a real effort to connect with you as a person and not just another sale.

In the end, it’s always exciting putting the physical look of your brand together! Often, people get hung up and overwhelmed. I’m here to tell you to just start taking the steps (whichever direction they may be: either on your own or with a designer) and get it going!

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