Just Brand Yourself Already

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Don’t be afraid to brand yourself and move on.

You are your brand! | Brand Yourself | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com

Sometimes, I wonder what I’m doing, and where I’m taking my business. Do you ever feel that way?? Then, out of the blue, a conversation brings it all back for you. And I’m reminded that I want to be the person to encourage you to brand yourself.

I want to help small business owners discover their branding. Even though I fully advocate for having an abundance mindset, I get caught up in the comparison trap. There are so many female business owners who design logos and/or talk about branding. How am I going to distinguish myself? How will I ever really create “something” that grows and is successful?

All these thoughts have been rolling around inside my head for the last week or so. And then, something happens that reminds me what I love. What my brain is good at. And that is creative design solutions.

Sometimes, helping others with their struggles, clears the fog for you!

Case Study: A business owner recently posted in the Boss-Moms facebook group about her logo. She posted three different ideas and asked for the group’s thoughts on them. This woman is an artist. She creates really cool abstract and geometric artwork. But the logos she posted were just sort of…blah. She was using digital backgrounds and elements. They just weren’t balanced and didn’t work for what she was trying to get across to her market.

I clicked over to her personal profile and took a look at her artwork. It was fun and bright. I couldn’t quite figure out why she wasn’t using her own artwork to brand her business. I gave her a couple suggestions on her post about how she could work her own creations into her logo. It was something so simple. But she just didn’t see it because she was trying to fit some “idea” of what she thought her logo was supposed to look like into a picture perfect logo box.

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She came back with the idea that she didn’t want to use her art in her logo because she doesn’t want to pigeon-hole her artwork into one style or type of medium. And I completely understand that too! Ultimately, we moved our conversation to private message and worked through who her ideal client might be and how she could appeal to that person.

Your Brand Can Evolve.

I think what many people don’t realize when they are thinking through their branding….they can change it. Especially solopreneurs and small business owners. We are not McDonalds or Starbucks or Pizza Hut. While logos are important for brand awareness, there are many elements that go into building your brand. And it’s ok, if we end up altering our logo. Heck, even huge corporate brands redesign their logos. Take a look at Pespi for instance:

Just brand yourself already! An image showing the evolution of the logo for Pepsi | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com
Image from the gallery at: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/pepsi-logo-timeline_n_2279676

The thing we need to remember about our brand is that our customer service, our vibe, the way we speak, the colors we use, the things we post and write; HOW we portray ourselves on social media; ALL of these elements also contribute to our brand.

YOU are your brand.

And if your logo artwork changes, your brand is still a part of YOU.

Think about how you want your business portrayed? Who is your brand for? Who is your ideal client? And build your brand FOR THEM. As long as you have your client in mind, it doesn’t matter what your logo looks like. Too many people get hung up and spend waaay too much time and energy on their brand design when they really should be more concerned about the content they need to create or the way they are sharing their business. The physical design of your brand is just the beginning of what your business is all about!

Where can you learn more?

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You are your brand! | Brand Yourself | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com
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