Are “Parties” really a thing of the past for Direct Sales?

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Online PartiesHave you been in Direct Sales or Network Marketing for a little bit? Have you noticed a decline in how well your parties do? Or the interest people have in hosting parties overall? Are you wondering what is going on? I’m here to tell you. It’s not you, it’s them. LOL! Seriously. You could do everything your upline or company trains you to do and still be at a loss for successful parties. Online Parties

Here are a couple suggestions for what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

#1—Evaluate HOW you are doing your parties.
For Home parties, are you standing in front of everyone and giving a “presentation” on your products? If you answered yes to this….Nooo! Stop doing that! Make it an experience! Everyone nowadays is looking for something experiential to do. Immerse the guests in your product! If you sell skin care, have a product bar set up for them to test and smell the products! If you’re in home décor, set your items up around the host’s house and see if everyone can identify which are from your company. If you sell cookware, prepare a meal in the hostess’ house using your items! Online Parties
For online parties….don’t JUST stay on Facebook! Facebook parties were exciting and new a few years ago. Now, they are old news. INNOVATE! Try doing a Pinterest party, an Instagram party, or even a texting party! Online Parties
#2—Try a new Platform! Online Parties
Check out the new party platform called Sqweee! This could definitely be the wave of the future for Direct Sales consultants! Get away from the algorithms and notifications. Simply invite some people to hang out for an hour and chat. And put up some images, videos, or games to entertain them. There is a 14-day Free Trial period and you receive a referral code! So when you have your team sign up, you can receive months added to your subscription! Sign up here using my referral code: JJ3231
Online Parties
#3—Reinvigorate your parties by throwing them Epic Style!
What is this?? You can find out here! My Facebook parties from from duds to rockstars by incorporating the engagement tactics suggested by Sassy Suite in their Epic Live Facebook Parties video course! The idea is to create an online party atmosphere that is engaging and fun. This party takes place in one evening and provides a fun and fast-paced approach to sharing your product! Online Parties
Sassy Suite Epic Live Facebook Parties video course Online Parties
And #4—if you really are just D.O.N.E. with parties….there is a whole world of social media out there to learn about! Online Parties

Sassy Suite Premium Coaching Group, Elite Suite Online PartiesSpend some time learning about attraction marketing, social engagement strategies, content management and automating your processes! While I work to build more content on this type of information, head over to The Elite Suite! to get started! This is where I learned it all and the community there is amazing! Online Parties

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