Best Planner for Female Entrepreneurs

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If you are a mompreneur, or solopreneur and need to organize about nine million things at once, I have found the PERFECT planner for you! Seriously, you will not need all those checklist apps, your paper planner, or anything else! If you are like me (and a ton of other women I know) you LOVE the “idea” of planners. They are so pretty, right? And fun with all the cute stickers and washi tape you can use! They are a great excuse to use different colored pens. Oh, my office-supplying-loving-heart is so in LOVE with planners. Best Planner

BUT. best plannerBest Planner

I don’t have time for planners. I also have the MESSIEST handwriting of anyone I know. And I hate when I write something down, and then it changes and I have to cross-it-out. And I “squirrel” too much and…and….and…..

I have a whole bunch of beautiful, motivating, inspirational one-month-filled-in planners sitting on my shelf. Admittedly, I’m a Planner Loser. Best Planner

Until now!best planner

Katy Allen, a highly successful Usborne Team Leader, has created a beautiful digital solution for “planner dropouts” like me! It’s called Artful Agenda and it’s a completely online version of a beautiful planner!


Here are a few of the fantastic features you’ll find:

  • Artful Agenda syncs seamlessly with your Google Calendar and/or iCalendar. Best Planner
  • This planner is completely mobile-friendly.
  • You can update on either Artful Agenda or Google/iCal Calendar and the appointment will show up in both places.
  • You can CHOOSE the custom color that each of your calendars shows up in Artful Agenda…so I can have my calendars match my brand colors!
  • There are fun stickers you can add to your layouts!
  • Fill your water glasses to keep track of your hydration
  • Motivational quotes appear on every page
  • There are monthly, weekly, daily page views
  • Check lists that you can add items to and cross off when finished
  • Meal Planning
  • List Making
  • Goal Setting

It’s almost everything I ever wanted in a paper planner in a digital format! I can even choose how I want the “handwriting” to look! And because it syncs with my Google calendar, I didn’t have to spend for-evah filling everything in! I could start using it IMMEDIATELY!

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How can you NOT want to use this?! The ONLY thing that could make this even better is if there were special sections as add-ons, like a Direct Sales Business section for tracking sales, your team goals, parties, etc.


Or a Goal Planning Section—Like with your word of the Year, long term and short term goals, Quarterly check-ins.


Maybe a Gratitude Journal add-on! How amazing would that be?! [Updated to add: There is a custom list option on the ‘Daily’ Page that is editable! A perfect place for your gratitude lists!]

The Cost best planner

You can pay a small monthly fee or a very reasonable annual fee. To me, it’s less than you would pay for Erin Condren or Plum Planner but much more versatile than both of those! Get the prettiness and organization of a paper planner without the time-consuming aspect of filling it all in. Best Planner


‘A+’ for Artful Agenda! Grab a free trial right here! And be sure to use MY REFERRAL CODE: RH603 so you can grab the exclusive cover and adorable fall stickers available when you sign up! I guarantee you’ll be happy to pay the annual fee and keep it going all year long (unlike all those empty paper planners I have sitting on my shelf). LOL!Best Planner


This digital planner has seriously upped my productivity game and for once in a very long time, I’m actually using my calendar regularly and time blocking! It’s been amazing! Grab yours today!Best Planner

Web – Month View
Web — Week View
Web – Daily View

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