Spitting Fire: Book Review

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I received Spitting Fire by Lauren LeMunyan as part of my October Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box! You guys! This book. First, you can read it in an afternoon, though Lauren encourages you take your time with it all. But, I devoted my afternoon to it and loved it! I have spent all of 2018 really attempting to figure out what it is I “want” to do.

I have loved my direct sales business, but I’ve had this nagging feeling that maybe I want more. Nope. I’m gonna own it. I want to keep doing my DS business, but I want to do something bigger. Something where I don’t have to rely on others to work for me to succeed. My word for 2018 is CULTIVATE. Part of that was cultivating my DS team to want to work their business and to teach them best practices. But it was also cultivating myself. Learning things. Digging in. GROWING in my business knowledge and mindset.

Reading Spitting Fire helped me realize I have done an excellent job of living up to my Word of the Year! I was pleased with how I scored on the self-assessments in the book and where I stand. I can now see more where I need to focus! I absolutely loved her analogy of passion, motivation, and self-care as the fuel for your power!

Her analogy that everyone has a SpitFire dial that ranges from small ember to blazing hot was so so on target. That is such a great visual to think about! My energy level for my projects and my business ebbs and flows and thinking of it as a dial is super helpful! I can think about what I need to do to turn my fire up again when I’m feeling low and also to watch the flame when it’s burning really bright because I don’t want to burn out. LeMunyan’s explanation of the importance of self-care was right on. She discusses the balance you need to maintain between your passion, motivation, and self-care to keep your power burning bright!

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If you grab this book, please come back here and comment your thoughts! I would also love to see your Growth-Based Value compass! Here’s mine! I’m so curious what other people pick for their Values!

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