5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Group Engagement Right Now!

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Facebook changed again. Are we really that surprised? This time ol’ Zuckerberg is going back to what Facebook was like eons ago…you know, like when we all first joined and loved our news feeds because it actually showed us what we wanted to see. Social Engagement
As a network marketer, I use social media to sell my product. That is just the world we live in today. And now, just when we have learned how to “get around” Facebook’s algorithm, it’s changed. Many are worried that their small business content will be hidden from their social network’s newsfeed. Social Engagement
Well, guess what? I have a secret. If you are doing social media marketing the CORRECT way, you have nothing to worry about! Social Engagement

Here are 5 things you can do right now to help you market the right way to your social network!

1. Keep your business or promotional posts to a Facebook fan page/business page.
Don’t post sales on your personal Facebook page. Don’t post them directly to your customer community group. Post your sales content to your business page and then SHARE that information to your group. And follow the 90/10 rule on your personal page. Post 90% life posts and 10% anything having to do with your business.

2. Link your business page and your Customer Community Group.Social Engagement
Facebook has that option for a reason, probably best to utilize it. There’s so much discussion about what to do and not to do on Facebook. I’m not an expert by any means, but if my opinion counts for a lick of anything, I think it’s probably best to do what Facebook wants you to do. Maybe, just maybe, if you “follow their rules”, your posts won’t get buried in your friends and family’s newsfeed. Social Engagement

3. Write informational and useful posts in your Customer Community.
Keep the information you post in your Facebook group fun, foster post engagement, and let your personality shine through! People follow you for YOU, not for what they can buy from you. It also helps create a sense of loyalty to you. After all, you want to give them a reason to come to you when they need something versus the other consultant in the neighborhood.

4. Rename your VIP group to a name that doesn’t sound “sales-y” or “business-y”.
You want to create a COMMUNITY for your customers. Make your customer group a place they WANT to hang out in. And think of it as a community, not a sales group. Build relationships and get to know your customers. Private message or text them every now and then just to chat (not to ask them to buy something).

5. Be AUTHENTIC.Social Engagement
Create original content to share with your customers. Whether it involves creating your own graphics or writing your own product reviews. DO IT! Post a photo of YOU with your product, not a stock image given to you by your corporate office. Social Engagement

Give these tips a try for the next 30 days, then come on back and comment with how it went!
If you want to see how I do it, join my Facebook community at: Time for Coffee, Wine & Sunshine!
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