Finding ‘Your Voice’ in the Direct Sales World

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personal brandEvery company has a vibe. Each has its own culture. Every company has a way to train their consultants for success. But how do you find what works best for you? How do you stand out amongst all the other consultants in your field? The answer: You do you.

I know that sounds really simple. And honestly, in the end it is a simple idea. But, it can be a journey getting there. Personal Brand

So many things to think about. Personal Brand

  • What can shopping/working with YOU provide for your customers that others cannot?
  • How can your viewpoint be unique?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
Think on that and create a description of your perfect customer! What would you need to do to attract that person to you/your business?

My ideal customer (hopefully this describes you, reading this right now) is a woman 25-50 years old who is looking for something positive in her life. Or looking to add something positive. She may not know what that is yet. But is willing to explore to find it! She may be a mom. She may be a consultant with a direct sales or networking company. OR She may simply own her own business. This person may need some help with changing their mindset. They may need guidance with how to build their business. And they want to do it with attraction marketing! And not by spamming their friends and family over and over again. Personal Brand

One way to do all this is by creating your personal brand! You can learn how to get started doing this through Personal Branding video course over at the Sassy SuitePersonal Brand

You can find the details here for creating graphics for your brand:
Sassy Suite Brand Yo'Self with Suite Graphics video course

Don’t be afraid to just get started! It’s always better to start somewhere and let your branding evolve than to sit and copy the same images and text over and over again that your company throws your way! The same things that everyone else also uses.

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Personal Branding is a first step in figuring out who YOU are as a business owner! And I’m here for you! I can personally help coach you through your branding! My background in art has given me an eye for design and color theory! And I can share with you how my own brand has evolved. It’s all a process! Personal Brand

Sign on for a branding consultation today! You’ll create your brand, while I’ll coach you through the process! Personal Brand

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