How to Use the Color of the Year in Your Brand Graphics

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It’s always exciting when the Pantone Color of the Year is announced at the beginning of December. And once you know what that color is, you can’t help but see it EVERYWHERE! You can absolutely take advantage of this in your social media marketing because those who pay attention to such things will NOTICE it right away! I highly recommend using the current Color of the Year in some of your brand graphics to encourage your audience to stop their scroll and take a closer look!

Pantone Color of the Year Living Coral | The Radiance Mindset |

2019’s Pantone Color of the Year is a vibrant color called Living Coral. It is quite pretty and goes well with the current popularity of metallic Rose Gold. While Pantone releases a single color of the year, they also release a spring/summer palette of gorgeous colors as well as one for fall/winter.

2019 Pantone Spring Summer Palette | The Radiance Mindset |
Here is the 2019 Pantone Spring/Summer Palette

You can be brave with any color palette of your choice for your brand, but it’s also fun to incorporate this color each year in a few of your graphics throughout your social media marketing strategy. Because the color of the year is seen in fashion at your favorite clothing stores, housewares and accessories at places like Target, and some of the newest makeup palettes, your customer’s eye will become trained to notice it. By using it in your graphics, you can catch their eye because it’s a familiar color to their brain. And hopefully that will result in stopping their scroll, and having them take a closer look at your content.

I want to share a few examples that incorporate the Color of the Year. And different ways the color can be brought nonchalantly into your graphics.

Use Products You Sell That Feature the Color of the Year

Do you sell any products that capitalize on the current Color of the Year? If so, feature those! Here, Cari Hollis is showing off a GelMoment mani in the color: Seaside Sundae. How cute is this?! (Cari, also mentioned that Flamingo Blossom might be a fun coral shade to try!)

Cari Hollis Gel Moment Manicure | The Radiance Mindset |
Find out more about GelMoment and Cari at:

Wear the Color in Your Selfies!

Take a look! My gorgeous friend, Amy is wearing this coral sweater in her selfie for her customer group to show off the Noonday Jewelry Collection.

Amy Jone Noonday Collection Selfie | The Radiance Mindset |
Check out the amazingness of the Noonday Collection here:

Use the Color of the Year in the Background of Your Images

The amazing Lizann Beason knows her color. Boy, does she know it. Just take one look at her Instagram feed and fall in love with her! Seriously, this lady takes GORGEOUS images and uses color in the most fantastic ways! I always look forward to her images popping up in my feed to see what she put together next! And this one with the coral background is PERFECT for showing off this year’s Color of the Year!

Lizann Beason Instagram Photo | The Radiance Mindset |
Click here to see Lizann’s fantabulous Instagram feed:

Use the Color as Your Text in Graphics You Create!

If you are the type of person who creates your own graphics, you can use Living Coral as your text color! Simply put in the hex code: #FF6F61 where you choose your text color in your favorite app and design away!

5 ways to Recharge After the Holidays | The Radiance Mindset |
Here is an example I created using coral as the base for my graphic.

Use Stock Images That Feature Similar Hues to the Color of the Year

There are MANY stock photos sites out there. Both free as well as paid. Without a doubt, my most favorite site is Pixistock! Alicia takes beautiful flat lay images and you can sort through her site by COLOR! It’s fabulous!

READ  Beach Color Palette

Here are a couple examples of some of her images that you could use to incorporate shades of Living Coral in your graphics:

Living Coral Pantone Color of the Year Stock Images Photo | The Radiance Mindset |

If you’re a true design geek like me, don’t miss out on taking a look at the Tools for Designers on the Pantone site! You can find great inspiration for color palettes and so much more!

And guess what….plan ahead for your content! The Fall/Winter 2019-2020 trend report was JUST announced on February 7th! Here is a first look at those colors:

Fall Winter 2019/2020 Trend Report Palette | The Radiance Mindset |
Fall/Winter Trend Colors for 2019-2020.

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