Sparkle Hustle Grow: December 2018

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When thinking through the type of content I wanted to add to this blog, I was thinking I might feature a monthly review of various subscription boxes. So I visited Crate Joy to see what other boxes I might want to try out. At first I pinned a bunch (to a secret board!) that I might be interested in reviewing….but. When I went back to look at them again, none of them really even seemed to come close to the amazingness of Sparkle Hustle Grow! December’s box was no let down either! Julie just keeps gaining kudos from me with every box!

What’s in the Sparkle Hustle Grow December 2018 box:

Man. The December 2018 Sparkle Hustle Grow box was fun! The theme was “Know What You Want”. And the funnest thing in the box is something you can use over and over again! An amazing Bloom perpetual calendar! Everyday there is a positive affirmation or quote to keep you on track and center you for a day of hard work!

This month’s box also contained:

  • A white die cut metal business card holder! I totally need a new one of these…my old one disappeared!
  • A small “Make Your Dreams Happen” notebook! Great for writing down those amazing business ideas when you’re on the go!
  • An adorable geometric pouch! I will use this for my pens & markers when I’m traveling! So much better than digging in the bottom of my bag for them!
  • A coupon for Bloom stationary (where that awesome perpetual calendar came from!)
  • And the book, The Magic of Tiny Business by Sharon Rowe! Look for a book review from me soon!

This month’s training:

The training in the December box is called Talk Trello to Me! It’s created by Brittany & Co. This $97 course was ours included in our subscription price! And includes Trello templates, videos, and a complete management system for your business! With the holidays and getting things going with the New Year I’m a little behind on my trainings so I haven’t had a chance to dig into this one yet. But, everyone was raving about how wonderful it was in our Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscribers group!

January’s box theme is: Courage & Clarity! And my box should be heading to me TODAY!! Can’t wait to see what’s in the next one! Stay tuned to The Radiance Mindset facebook page for a first look at the January box!

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