Sparkle Hustle Grow: October 2018

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courtesy of Sparkle Hustle Grow

The October box for Sparkle Hustle Grow signified the subscription box’s 2 year anniversary and it was chock full of awesomeness! I didn’t get my own photo before I dug in and started using it all so I hope Julie doesn’t mind me using the image from the Sparkle Hustle Grow Facebook page! LOL! Sparkle Hustle Grow October 2018 Box

What’s in the Sparkle Hustle Grow October 2018 box:

This box was sooo perfect! I mean, I don’t know how Julie just knew that my Radiance Mindset brand colors are mint green, teal, rose gold/peach and navy, but she gave me all the office supplies I need to match!! Squeeee! And I’ve loved everything from the Poppin Brand that I have received. These paper clips, push pins and binder clips are great quality! The Sparkle Hustle Grow branded scissors are beautiful, stylish, substantial and work amazing!! What Goal Digger doesn’t need a fantastic pair of GOLD scissors on her desk?

The box also contained an erasable highlighter. All the better to mark up your business book of the month with, my dear. 🙂 Speaking of business book, the one included this month was a fast and fantastic read! You can check out my full review of Spitting Fire by Lauren LeMunyan here!

This month’s Training:

The trainings included in the SHG box are always top notch! It’s amazing the VALUE you receive when you order this box! This month’s trainings are:

I am an Amazon Affiliate so I cannot wait to take a look at Kathleen Kobel’s training! And who wouldn’t want to learn more about creating a subscription box! They are all the rage right now! (Hmmm…..maybe a Radiance box needs to be in my business plan in the future. LOL!)

Don’t miss out on the box in November! It’s theme is: The CEO Toolkit!

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