Why You Need an Ideal Client Profile

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Ideal Client Series: Part 3

Ideal Client Profile | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com

When you’re building your business, Step 1 is to identify just who your ideal client is. Step 2 is to define what solution your business brings to that ideal client and the value you provide for them. Step 3! Put it all together and create an Ideal Client Profile!

Client Profile: What is this?

A client profile is a one-sheet that you can print off and hang somewhere you can see it every time you are writing copy, posting to social media, or creating products for your business. Narrowly define your client base to a “perfect” fictional person. Speaking to that one person will help you FIND your ideal client. You’ll find others along the way too. Those who check some of the boxes. It’s the ones who check all the boxes that will bring you the most success. They will be the ones that validate for you that what you’re doing is working!

What to include in your Client Profile:

  • A name! I know, it sounds kind of strange to “name” your ideal client. But do it. Name that person or people! You may have more than one ideal client depending on the nature of the business you’re building. There may be different facets and each one might appeal to a specific person. So create a profile for each type of ideal client.
  • After you name this person, search through free stock photo sites like Pixabay.com and find an image of your ideal client that represents what this person looks like in your head.
  • Explain your value to this person. A reminder to you that you provide MORE than just your products and service.
  • Lastly, include a description of the life this client leads. Their relationship and family status, job situation, hobbies & interests. Anything you can think of that will appeal to this person.
  • As a bonus exercise, explore the 16 Personalities website and choose the personality type of your ideal customer and you can also add this to your client profile. You can do this by taking the test and answering each question as you would want your ideal client to answer. Then LEARN about this personality type. There is even a section on the website to learn about marketing to each personality! Example of using this to your advantage: If you know your ideal client has the personality that likes things visually and broken out for them, create templates and printables for them to use! If they process best through auditory learning, maybe creating a podcast is the best way to reach them.
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Once you have all this information, type it up in a Google Doc or Evernote, add your client’s name and image to it, and then print it out. THIS is the person you are marketing to. And trust me, the more you build for this person, the more they will show up for your business.

Or use the Ideal Client Profile template I created! You can grab it right here for FREE!

What to do once you’ve found your Ideal Client?

Build a relationship with every person who comes your way that fits this client profile. They are going to become the people who help you find more clients. They will become your brand ambassadors. They ‘know, like and trust’ you and will share that with others who will also need your product/service.

Do not look at your customers as numbers. They are people and they can serve you and your business well when you create relationships with them. The more you attract this person, the more robust you can build your business.

Ideal Client Profile | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com
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