How Do You Provide Value For Your Ideal Clients?

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Ideal Client Series: Part 2

How Do You Provide Value For Your Clients? | The Radiance Mindset |

Once you have defined your client very narrowly, you want to determine what you provide that they NEED. What value do you bring to the table?What problem to do solve for them? What is it that they will want to come to you for over someone else that sells something similar?

You’re probably thinking one of two things right now.

A) That’s easy, it’s my product X.
B) My value is the service I provide them.

Guess what?! That is not the full answer. Often business owners create something first and then try to sell it to their clients. In reality, this is backwards. You should first very specifically define who your target customer is, and then create and provide value for that person’s very specific needs. Identify what that person’s pain points are, what would help them live their best life, and create that for them!

What does it mean to ‘provide value’?

Start thinking about the product you sell or the services you provide. What does the customer “get” for using what your business creates?

  • Do they get time back in their day because they can do something more efficiently?
  • Do they make more money because they now have more time to spend seeking their own ideal clients?
  • Do you give them a system that helps get through a tough process more easily?
  • Do you provide a service that lets them focus on creating their own content more instead of dealing with administrative details?
  • Do you provide creativity as a strength when it’s a weakness for your ideal client?
  • Are they feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? Does your product or service remove that feeling?

Identify the Value You Provide Your Clients

Take a minute to download this FREE Value Worksheet and write down your thoughts on what value you provide for your clients! And if you’re a reader, I highly recommend Russell Brunson’s book, Dot Com Secrets! Reading this book really helped me flush out what I want my value ladder to look like. (A value ladder shows what you provide your client in increasing value–and price–as they get to know you and your business).

Identifying the value you provide your clients also helps you build your sales funnel. You want to create multiple things that will all lead your client to furthering their goals and getting them further on their life/business path. Do you see how important it is to really dig in and get to know the person you are selling to??

Once you create for them, instead of building something first and then trying to find a customer for whatever it is, you are starting off ahead of the game. Get to know your client first. Then build “it”.

So, Step 1 is to identify sooooo specifically who your perfect client/customer is. Step 2 is to provide value as much as possible to that perfect client.

Put all of that together and you will find success and grow your business!

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How Do You Provide Value For Your Clients? | The Radiance Mindset |
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