Facebook Cover Photo: 5 Step Guide to Create the Ideal Image

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Facebook Cover Photo Template 5 Step Guide | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com

Do you ever scroll through Facebook and see someone else’s Facebook cover photo and think: ‘Damn! I wish I could get my cover images to look like that! Mine look like a 5th grader designed them.’? If you want to step up your Facebook cover photo game, then keep reading below for 5 Tips to take yours from unremarkable to first-rate!

Building a well-designed Facebook cover photo is not difficult, but there is some strategy to it. I used the word “build” on purpose because you should think about your cover photo in layers. Start from the “bottom” of the image and work your way “up”. Once you learn the design strategy, you’ll be creating Facebook cover images that will make others jealous!

Tip: Have a template you can use over and over again to create your cover images. You won’t have to remember pixel sizes or placement ever again! There’s one for you at the bottom of this post!

The design process will remain the same whether you are using Canva, PicMonkey, Photoshop, or any other number of design programs. It’s all about the “layers”. (Anyone else just think about Shrek with the mention of layers? It’s like “an onion, onions have laaay-ers.” No, just me. Ok, then. LOL!)

Layer 1 Choose a Background

This layer will be the bottom layer of your Facebook cover photo. Think about it as the opposite of what you do in Layer 2. It will cover the entire canvas of your image and should either be something more subtle (like a gradient background, a solid color, maybe a smooth glitter texture) OR something more bold like a pattern (think scrapbook paper) or a crazier texture.

Pro Design Tip: Choose a background that will not clash with your main photo image. I highly suggest choosing a fun pattern or gradient for this!

Layer 2 Add a Main Photo

Again, this will be the “opposite’ of Layer 1 in design style. So if you chose a more solid, less busy background in the first step, you could choose something a little more bold or patterned here. And vice versa, if you chose something with a lot of texture and busyness for the background, make this image a little more “quiet” or subtle. The idea is that you don’t want the two elements to “fight” each other.

Pro Design Tip: Choose a flatlay stock image (in a complementary color to your background element) that has some open space for room to add your text.

Layer 3 Write a Headline (larger size text)

The text on your Facebook cover photo should be clear and eye-catching, but above all else, READABLE. You could also simply use your brand logo in this area.

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Pro Design Tip: Use your more bold or decorative text for the heading and make this font size larger than your sub-heading or tagline text.

Layer 4 Create a sub-heading or tagline (smaller text)

You can use this subtext area to let your ideal clients know what the focus will be for the current month. Or place your brand tagline in this area.

Pro Design Tip: Use your secondary or a contrasting font for this text and size it smaller than your main headline.

Layer 5 Pizzazz It Up a Bit with Design Elements

Finally, you can add in a few design elements here or there. Whether it’s a bold colored line delineating part of the image, or perhaps sparkles, glints, zigzags, maybe a splash of color, brush stroke element, or clipart. Place them here and there to tie all your layers together and make it feel like one cohesive image.

Pro Design Tip: Do not go too over the top with these fun “extras”. Be strategic about where you place them. Remember to keep the overall Facebook cover photo sleek and attractive to your ideal client. Also, this is the place to bring in those little brand design elements you may have on your brand board!

Tip: Use your brand colors throughout your cover image either in the background or main photo, the text, or design elements. This will help to create brand recognition.

To see an example of a cohesive cover image using orange/yellow/green brand colors keep scrolling to the bottom for a free template provided here.

The key is to think of your overall cover image almost like a scrapbook page. In this scrapbook layout from Kate Hadfield Designs, you can see the steps I described above.

Kate Hadfield Designs scrapbook layout
photo credit: Kate Hadfield Designs

Now, look below at what is in the black box I added to her layout. Wouldn’t something like this be the cutest facebook cover photo??!

  • Step 1: Background — The polka dot background
  • Step 2: Main image — solid pink block
  • Step 3: Headline — Added by me in one font — larger, more decorative
  • Step 4: Subheading — Contrasting and small font
  • Step 5: Pizzazz — floral elements, other images, the orange and turquoise lines behind the images and pink color block
Kate Hadfield Designs scrapbook layout

Download FREE Cover Photo Template and Size Chart

Many people don’t realize that their cover images will look different on desktop and mobile! But, guess what?! I have created a lovely template that will show you the exact sizing you need for a facebook cover photo AND where to place your elements for the best results!

Download the FREE Facebook Cover Photo Template

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    Facebook Cover Photo Template 5 Step Guide | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com
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