Why Should You Have a Mood Board Template?

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Blank Mood Board Template | The Radiance Mindset | www.theradiancemindset.com

Mood boards are used in many industries! Companies who create products will have mood boards to illustrate their upcoming packaging designs. The fashion world uses mood boards to inspire a new collection or clothing line. interior design firms, production companies, set designers, and well… graphic designers…all use a mood board template to create a collage or visual inspiration to follow when starting a project.

As a small business owner, why should you have a Mood Board Template?

Similar to a branding board, a mood board template will help pull all your thoughts together. It is a printed visual aesthetic you can keep at the ready with fonts, color hex codes, and style images.

  • If you create graphic design for your business, a mood board will be a quick reference guide for you when you are using various software and applications.
  • If you don’t create the graphic design yourself, but are seeking help from a designer, having a ready-made mood board will save everyone time, money and headaches. You can simply hand it over and the designer will already know the fonts and colors to use for your logo, social media graphics, letterhead, business cards, etc.

Why would you want to use a template versus creating your own from scratch?

As a business owner, we have so much to do, and so little time to do it in. We have to constantly prioritize and re-prioritize what needs to get done. Do you really want to spend time fumbling through an application like Canva to find photos and colors and fonts that all go together? Is that a productive and income-producing use of your work time? If you need to have your design aesthetic all figured out, but have higher priority things on your list, looking through ready-made templates is the solution for you!

What are the benefits of having a solid strategy and approach to your graphic design?

  • Creates brand awareness. When someone sees a color or image you use often, they will immediately think of you! (It’s like a Jedi mind trick!)
  • Reduces decision fatigue. When you have colors and fonts chosen that you use consistently, you don’t have to use up brainpower each time a graphic needs to be created. You will already know what elements you will be using.
  • Saves time! Once you have everything laid out for your branding, you can save time from getting lost in the font rabbit hole!
  • Save money! Knowing ahead of time what you need a designer to create and the exact elements you want to use saves you from incurring fees for additional time that person spends designing.
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Start creating your very own brand mood board with this blank Canva template!

If you’d like to browse through a ready-made mood board template collection, head over to Direct Creatives to see what I’ve already put together or book a coaching call with me to talk through your branding and logo ideas!

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