Pink in Marketing: Using Color in Branding

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Color in Marketing Series: Week 8

Using Pink in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |

Quick Glance Pink in Marketing Qualities

  • Mixture of Red and White
  • *Considered a ‘Warm’ Color
  • *Color Wheel Complementary Color: Light/Mint Green
  • *Analogous Colors: Red Violet, Red, Pink

The Color Pink is generally considered a feminine color, but it depends on culture.

Fun Fact: In Japan, Pink is associated with masculine traits. And, before the 1940’s in the US, pink was considered a stronger color, while blue was more dainty.

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It’s often associated with the following:
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  • Lighter/Softer/Dusty shades of pink represent sentimentality, romance, tenderness, care, and calmness.
  • Bright/Medium Pinks symbolize energy, youthfulness, fun, excitement, strength and confidence.
  • Dark Pinks can be associated with sophistication and seduction.
Using Pink in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |

The ?????????????/???????? ??????? of pink:
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And it can ????????? ???????? of anger, resentment and abandonment.

Pink can have negative connotations as well. It can be seen as a weak, vulnerable, or silly color. It can give off an air of childish-ness and immaturity.

Brighter versions have been used to market less expensive, trendy products to teens/tweens. While dusty pink shades tend to be used with an older market.

When choosing pink for your branding, just be mindful of your audience and what the color may mean to them in particular.

6 Pre-made Pink in Marketing Color Palettes to use

Using Pink in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |
Using Pink in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |
Using Pink in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |

Your branding is as much about meaning as it is about physical appearance. Don’t get me wrong, you can simply pick out some colors without much thought to it and run with it.

???, you can also think about what the colors represent. Are they a good fit for your type of business?? Certain colors evoke certain types of feelings in people when they see it. Be sure you’re using colors that represent what you want your business to reflect!

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1) A PDF copy of the Color Hue Sheet
2) A link to the How to Choose Brand Colors Worksheet
3) A Glossary of common Color Theory terms
–You’ll also find the hex color codes for the attached color palettes (and 42 other palettes listed in the Brand Box–
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Using Pink in Marketing | The Radiance Mindset |
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